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Fanmade Alternative Videos
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A community collecting videos that look like alternative openings or endings
This is a community for posting fanmade videos (that you found on Youtube or that you made) that would look like OP and/or ED or videos enterely drawn by fans (some call them MAD Movies but, according to Wikipedia, MAD are video done exclusively by Japanese and can also be the equivalent of AMV and not just video about alternate OP/ED or completely fandrawn).

Membership is open but posting is moderated meaning if you don't follow the posting rules you won't be allowed to post.

  • Post can be of two kinds: 'video posting' or 'requests about where to find a video'
  • You can post only one video per post.
  • Videos can't be the anime original video opening/ending but with a different song.
  • When posting a video please do it like this:

    'Name of the series as it is in the op/ed' (OP/ED) - 'Name of the series that inspired this' (OP/ED): 'Title of the song'

    Series: 'Name of the series used'
    Type: 'opening' or 'ending'
    Based on: 'Name of the series that inspired this' OP/ED (if it's based on an existing OP/ED)
    Song: 'Title of the song' by 'Author of the song'
    Found or made by you:


    Optionals (they'll need to be placed under an lj-cut):

    Lyrics & Original video that inspired it

    Or just follow this example